Board Members 2017
Gloria Fultz, President
Mark Heuer, Vice President
Peggy Lauver, Co-Secretary
Mary Peterhaensel, Co-Secretary
Lana Gulden, Treasurer
Valerie Grahn

Our History:
In 2011 when Patricia Rock and Shirley Rowe attended a showing of the film Gasland in Hershey, Pa, they were so concerned with what was happening, that they decided they needed to do something. That was the beginning of this organization. The first order of business was to gather some friends at the Kind Café in Selinsgrove, on June 20, 2011, to talk about the issues. The decision emerged to host a public meeting at the Selinsgrove Middle School on July 25, 2011 and have a presentation by Barbara Jarmoska, whose home and business were directly impacted. She described what was happening in Williamsport. Barb had a power point presentation of the impact on places near her home. She described how people wanted to move out of the area…including some of her family. The people who attended signed up for more information. The next educational outreach was to host Josh Fox’s Academy Award-nominated film Gasland at Sharon Lutheran Church on August 31, 2011.

From these two events, a core group of people worked to form the Rivertown Coalition as a 501-3(c) non–profit organization as a group of concerned citizens from a variety of backgrounds and interests who join together to move forward to protect the environment through education. Since that time Rivertown has continued their focus on education by hosting an annual symposium on environmental issues and publishing informational newsletters.

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