Climate Action Groups
While the impetus for the founding of Rivertown Coalition for Clean Air & Water came from the specific issues of fracking and environmental risks, the issue of climate change is directly linked to clean air and water, and to the clean energy options we champion.

Our region has been spared the more extreme effects of climate change so far, such as severe droughts, storms and fires, but it is impossible to ignore the weather changes we have seen in the last five years – 2 very hot summers, long period of rain last summer, and then a return to a cold weather in 2018 after milder winter seasons.

Here are some of the groups who are creating strategies and solutions to combat climate change – the greatest risk to health and well-being we face.

Climate Reality Project –  has network in central PA

Climate Action 100

Climate Central

Climate Store – has list of other groups


Drawdown  – Paul Hawken Solutions

Sunrise Movement

(Many of these are on Facebook as well.)