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Protecting the Susquehanna River
Thursday, February 22, 2018

Patrick Grenter, Campaign Representative for the Sierra Club Beyond Coal, gave a sobering presentation on the effluents from coal plants that continue to pollute the Susquehanna River and other PA Rivers. This joint Rivertown/ Sierra Club meeting focused on the recent settlement with DEP to update water permits for the Montour Plant and Brunner Island, as well as 8 other plants in PA.

Pollutants from burning coal, such as mercury, lead, and selenium, can affect the drinking water for millions of residents downstream, and impair fish and wildlife along the River and in the Chesapeake Bay. Nearly 35% of all coal plants discharge toxic pollution within 5 miles of community water supplies.

Coal ash residue stored at the power plants is also a risk for water pollution, including unlined ash pits near the Hummel Station plant (formerly Sunbury Generation) in Shamokin Dam.  Build-up of coal residues and sediment at the Conowingo Dam is an unsolved risk that could damage the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay if it overflows.

To view Mr. Grenter’s presentation click here.

Read more on the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign and on the settlement with DEP.  Find more about under Health Risks of Fossil Fuels and Coal Ash Pits under Issues section on this website.

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